Corona situation in Japan

In Japan, politicians decided to postpone the economical restriction for restaurants for Corona until end of June.

It is to close the restaurant at 20:00 and not to sell Alkohol at all.

No Alkohol in the Restaurants and close at 20:00..?

Who goes to the restaurant for dinner under such condition..?

There is no evidence that opened restaurant increase Corona infection rate.

Because of the restrictions many of them go bankruptcy and increase a lot of jobless.

There is correlation between jobless rate and suicide rate.

That is why it is necessary to think about how many and who dies because of Corona.

The elderly people who are very weak due to the age and staying in the hospital for long time die because of Corona.

But because of jobless, young – middle aged people commits suicide.

We can never say that there is difference of Life importance between elderly people and young/middle aged people.

However, it is also true that there is priority who to save/help first in an emergency case.

First priority, children and women…etc…

Politicians lose nothing even no salary decrease if they do not think seriously and do something wrong against Corona.

According to the information of professor Kunihiko Takeda and others, the number of deaths because of Corona is less than annual flu and the average age of them are same as life span in Japan.

So, what politicians are doing..???

投稿者: netdeduessel