New style of hotel reception

I used to travel a lot before for the business entire Europe including South Africa and Russia but not since few years ago.

During that time, I used to receive so many mileages because of the frequent flight and I could not use the mileage at all.

So, I invited for example my mother to Germany ever

Because of TATJ business, I booked a room and arrived the Iris hotel in Amsterdam at the main station.

Main station building of Amsterdam is the model station of Tokyo main station.

The Iris hotel is exactly at the station.

After entering the hotel, I thought that I came in a wrong place as it did not look a hotel reception.

But it is new type of Iris hotel.


You don’t find any reception.

You can check-in with a staff of the hotel who does not look like a staff of hotel to check in in a free space like on the sofa…

投稿者: netdeduessel