MP(Mission possible)..: Launch and promotion of Innovative perimetry testing Unit „IMO“ of CREWT Japan

CREWT is a venture company founded in Apr. 2013 von Mr. Eguchi, Managing Director.

3 months later joined HOYA Japan with large capital where Mr. Eguchi used to work.

Later on, the University of Tokyo(the best university in Japan) joined as Investor for 50% investment.

What is so innovative of “IMO”..?

– Perimetry Test both Eyes at once. (all comparable test unit cannot) = shorter testing time = more comfortable for patients.

– Dark room is not necessary any more (all comparable test unit cannot) = less investment and space for Ophthalmologist.

Perimetry test is absolutely necessary for glaucoma.

If you have glaucoma, you cannot see anymore approx. 180 degrees right and left during you are watching straight away.

It is dangerous to drive the car and if you do not treat it at Ophthalmologist, the angle of your sight is getting less and less, at the end blind…

In Japan, there are millions of people who have glaucoma but many of them do not recognize it on their own.

To become blind without knowing about it..?

My mission = to find the best distributor in Europe for them during the exhibition MEDICA.


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